HiPP Dutch vs. HiPP UK: The Ultimate Comparison 2023

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" While both HiPP UK and HiPP Dutch are nutritionally complete, there are several differences that parents should be aware of. "
HiPP Dutch vs HiPP UK

When it comes to your little one’s health, you want only the best for them. The same is true when choosing an organic baby formula. HiPP organic formulas are great to start with because they’re nutritionally balanced, 100% organic, and perfectly suitable for infants and toddlers.

Recently, many parents have raised questions as to why HiPP has been manufacturing different formula versions, such as HiPP Dutch and HiPP UK. Are these formulas the same but with different packaging? The answer is NO. While HiPP Dutch and HiPP UK offer healthy nutrition to your baby, there are differences in their ingredients and nutritional profiles. Read on to find more.

Why Does HiPP Not Manufacture The Same Formulas For Different Countries?

HiPP formulas are among the best-selling formulas that mainly focus on sustainability and organic quality. They meet strict standards of the European Union to manufacture nutritionally complete formulas by using ingredients from organic farms, which practise biodynamic agriculture. All HiPP formulas are dedicated to providing nutritional wellness to babies and toddlers.

One of the most common questions asked by HiPP consumers is why there are different versions of HiPP formulas for different countries. The primary reason behind HiPP’s decision for changing formulas for countries is that each country has a specific market to exploit. As a good business practice, markets of different countries have different manufacturing requirements to satisfy the needs of many parents for their babies.

For example, some countries love to add some ingredients in HiPP formulas to make them wholesome, while at the same time, these ingredients may not be tolerated by other countries. Therefore, HiPP strives to manufacture formulas according to everyone’s needs.

Let’s have a look at the nutritional facts of both HiPP Dutch and UK versions.


One of the healthiest and most high-quality baby formulas that HiPP has been making since 1899 is the HiPP UK infant formula, the first can of which was manufactured in 1936.

As a parent, you always make sure your little one is getting the right ingredients without having any allergens in the formula. HiPP has always been a trustworthy brand in manufacturing EU-certified organic formulas to ensure parents that their little ones are well taken care of!

HiPP UK Offers Complete Nutrition

Healthy nutrition plays a significant role during the developing years of the baby’s life. When your baby is getting the right baby formula, they grow healthy and strong both physically and mentally. HiPP UK Combiotic Line is perfectly suited for babies who are lactose intolerant. The formula line contains essential omega-3 fatty acids that promote brain and eye development, carbohydrates, and proteins for the healthy growth of body cells.

HiPP UK formulas are also packed with essential vitamins and minerals, giving your child the best wholesome organic diet.

HiPP Formulas Are Certified Organic

If you’ve ever used any HiPP baby formula, you probably have noticed the “organic” seal on the formula package. Certified organic means HiPP baby formulas are manufactured and maintained at organic standards - 95% organic ingredients, hormone-free animals grown without pesticides.

Nutritional Ingredients In HiPP UK

The HiPP UK formula line is manufactured with ingredients very similar to HiPP Dutch and HiPP German. All these versions contain organic ingredients, including organic lactose, skimmed milk, palm oil, vitamins and minerals, organic whey as the primary source of protein, and omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids. Only some versions contain starch and prebiotics. HiPP UK is manufactured in Germany but packaged in the United Kingdom.


  • Has organic lactose
  • It contains sunflower oil, palm oil
  • Has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • Uses skim milk
  • Contains no starch
  • Has calcium salts and other minerals
  • Has iron for the production of blood cells
  • It comes with vitamins C, A, and D
  • It contains organic whey as a protein source

HiPP Dutch

HiPP company has also been widely manufacturing the HiPP Dutch formula line - a world-renowned formula that incorporates organically-grown grains, micronutrients, and vitamins. Like HiPP UK, HiPP Dutch baby formulas are unique in their inclusion of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, prebiotics, and probiotics.

HiPP Dutch baby formulas are manufactured in Germany but packaged in the Netherlands. The addition of healthier ingredients makes HiPP Combiotik a preferred choice for sensitive tummies.

Nutritional Ingredients In HiPP Dutch

HiPP Dutch baby formulas:

  • Contain organic lactose as a primary source of carbohydrates
  • Contain skim milk
  • Have no starch
  • Have calcium salts and other minerals
  • Use sunflower oil and palm oil
  • Have prebiotics in all of their stages
  • Contain iron
  • Have whey
  • Have omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids

HiPP UK & HiPP Dutch Differences

HiPP Dutch vs HiPP UK 2

All versions of HiPP baby formulas are loaded with healthy nutrients required for a baby’s healthy growth and development. What actually makes these versions differ from each other is that some versions contain or do not contain starch, soy, and probiotics. Let’s have a look.

1. Probiotics and Prebiotics

HiPP has been doing an incredible job by incorporating natural probiotics (those found in breastmilk) into their baby formulas. These specific probiotics are added to HiPP baby formulas to improve the development of the immune system and gut. Probiotics are also helpful in the support and movement of the bowel.

The main prebiotics used in HiPP’s Combiotik/c formulas is galactooligosaccharide (GOS) fibres. GOS fibres are specifically derived from natural lactose. Prebiotics are specifically beneficial for babies who have been given antibiotics that affect their gut microbiome, have sensitive tummies, are prone to allergies, and those born via C-sections.

If you want to buy a baby formula that only contains prebiotics, you should opt for HiPP UK. If you want a baby formula that contains probiotics as well as prebiotics, you should opt for HiPP Dutch stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3.

2. Starch

Another additive used in HiPP organic baby formulas is starch for older infants. It is because older infants have a developed digestive system, which can easily break down the complex formation of starch. Starch is a tummy-filling ingredient and takes a longer time to be digested. Also, starch produces a fuller and more satisfying feeling that keeps your infant active throughout the day.

Many parents believe that starch is not a healthy option for their little ones, thereby opting for baby formulas that do not contain starch. To meet the demands of many parents, HiPP has been manufacturing a wide range of formula versions having starch with some versions with no starch.

Both HiPP Dutch Combiotik and HiPP UK Combiotic do not contain starch in all of their stages, while the HiPP German formula contains starch in all of its stages except for stage PRE.

3. Soy

Soy is an ingredient naturally rich in protein and is an ideal alternative for animal milk in many baby formulas. Soy also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are crucial for brain health. Many babies cannot tolerate soy in baby formulas, so parents consider the use of baby formulas that do not contain soy or soy lecithin.

The UK and Dutch versions of HiPP organic formulas do not contain any soy in any of their products.

Comparing HiPP UK And HiPP Dutch

HiPP UK and HiPP Dutch do not just differ in starch and probiotics. There are other differences too!

  • Inclusion of probiotics
  • Whey (formulas containing whey are much easier to digest)
  • Container size and box

Take the help of this table to choose which HiPP version is right for your little one!

UK Stage 1 0-6 months 800 g No Yes No No Yes
UK Stage 2 6-12 months 800 g No Yes No No Yes
UK Stage 3 12+ months 600 g No Yes No No No
Dutch Stage 1 0-6 months 800 g Yes Yes No No Yes
Dutch Stage 2 6-12 months 800 g Yes Yes No No Yes
Dutch Stage 3 12+ months 800 g Yes Yes No No No

Pros And Cons Of HiPP UK And HiPP Dutch

To help you better understand each version of HiPP baby formulas, here is the pros and cons list of the HiPP UK and HiPP Dutch products line.

HiPP UK Combiotic Baby Formula

  • Vital prebiotics in all stages
  • Meets the nutritional requirements of your baby
  • First ingredient is skim milk
  • Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • Nutrition near FDA & USDA guidelines
  • High quality organic formulation
  • No corn syrup, soy, gluten, or starch
  • No constipation, indigestion, or gas
  • Nothing artificial
  • No probiotics are found in any stage.
  • Palm oil is present as a fat source

HiPP Dutch Combiotik Baby Formula

  • Vital prebiotics in all stages
  • Probiotics in stage 1, 2, and 3
  • First ingredient is skim milk
  • Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • Nutrition near FDA & USDA guidelines
  • High quality organic formulation
  • No corn syrup, gluten, or starch
  • Easy to use
  • Soy-free
  • Nothing artificial
  • Good taste
  • High infant acceptance
  • Palm oil is present as fat source

HiPP UK vs Dutch

Choosing an organic baby formula gets really confusing when you have to choose between the two versions of HiPP: HiPP Dutch and HiPP UK. HiPP always wants your baby to be as healthy as possible. Both HiPP Dutch and HiPP UK are healthy options, and the only difference between the two is the addition of starch, probiotics, and prebiotics. The above-mentioned tables can help you decide on the better HiPP version for your little one.

If you’re still not sure which formula is best suited for your baby, get in touch with Organic Life Start’s customer support department. We will help you choose the right baby formula in accordance with your baby’s nutritional needs.

It's worth noting that each HiPP UK offers three stages while HiPP Dutch comes in 4 stages, both cater to the evolving nutritional needs of a growing baby. For HiPP UK, these stages include HiPP UK Stage 1 Combiotic First Infant Milk Formula, HiPP UK Stage 2 Combiotic Follow-On Infant Milk Formula, and HiPP UK Stage 3 Combiotic Toddler Milk Formula. On the other hand, HiPP Dutch offers HiPP Dutch Stage 1 Combiotic Infant Milk Formula, HiPP Dutch Stage 2 Combiotic Follow-On Infant Milk Formula, HiPP Dutch Stage 3 Combiotic Toddler Milk Formula, and HiPP Dutch Stage 4 Junior Combiotic Toddler Milk Formula. Despite the difference in the number of stages, both formula lines maintain unwavering standards of quality and purity, ensuring essential nutrition for an infant's development. As always, seeking guidance from pediatricians remains paramount in selecting the ideal option for your baby's health and well-being.

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