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Baby Formula Subscription

" Get peace of mind with a scheduled baby formula subscription. "     ~ ORGANIC LIFE START

We recognize that life can get busy and difficult to plan for. This is why Organic Life Start has created automated baby formula subscriptions which can help take away the stress of remembering to order formula, while additionally providing families with an often helpful discount as a thank you for continuing to order with us.

Below you can find helpful information on how to take advantage of our baby formula subscriptions. If you already have a subscription, use the link below to edit and modify your subscription preferences.

Access Subscription Portal
  • TLDR ...

    • Tip #1

      Automatic 5% savings on any recurring order
    • When you sign up for a subscription, the product that you're subscribing for will automatically get an extra 5% savings. There's no code required, and the discount for a subscribed product will show up in your checkout cart.
    • Tip #2

      You can change to a different formula in the future
    • Babies grow older, so there's no reason a discount shouldn't be there to support your little one along the way. You can transition your discount from an earlier stage to a later stage and continue getting the best price.

About Formula Subscriptions

Why Subscribe?

→  Convenience

We know that parenting ain't easy. If you're looking after a kiddo or two, the last thing you need to worry about is having to go to a store because you're "1-scoop too short." If you've found a formula that works, get the peace of mind knowing that you can have it delivered at regular intervals to always keep your pantry stocked.

Need help sorting out how much formula to buy, or how regularly to buy it? We've calculated a rough estimate on every product page, specific to that formula and specific to different manufacturer suggested age-ranges which can help you plan for how much formula you may need. While these calculations take into account an average baby who uses formula exclusively, your "formula demand calculation" may differ - but we hope that ours can be a good starting point!

→  Pre-allocated stock

Especially in recent times, we've all seen that supply chains are fragile and shortages can happen. Unfortunately, supply shocks also impact the baby formula industry.

To provide maximum peace of mind for parents, we give inventory priority to customers with a subscription. That means that every day are recalculating how much inventory is available, and if there is an expected shock to the supply chain - we hold inventory "locked in" for subscribers, and may forcefully make that product unavailable for sale to the general public while a restock is ongoing. In other words, as long as a formula is delivered to us from the manufacturer, we will first give it to our subscribers before we make an out-of-stock product available again on our product pages.

→  Best value & locked in prices

We try to incentivize our customers to stay with us by automatically extending a further 5% additional discount to any subscription order - big or small. Additionally, subscribing to a formula will lock in that price for you - protecting you from future formula price increases.

Once you've found a formula that suits your baby, we highly encourage everyone to lock in the formula price and take advantage of the additional subscription discounts available on all products.

Achieving The Best Value For Money

→  In what way are subscriptions the best value?

Subscribing to ongoing baby formula deliveries offers you the best way to save because it gives an additional 5% off of your chosen formulas. If you want to maximize the total per-unit discount with your subscription, choose the largest size pack which already offers significant savings. If we are running any additional voucher or coupon promotions, you may also apply those on top of the subscription and multi-pack discounts to achieve the absolute best price on European baby formulas.

For as long as you need formula, take advantage of the additional savings a subscription can offer!

Order Related Questions

Pausing Orders & Delaying A Subscription

→  How do you "pause" an order?

Any order that has not yet been billed can be paused or delayed using your subscription portal. You can reschedule a shipment for a later date, or skip it entirely and have your subscription resume in its next regular billing schedule.

It's important to note that pausing a single order does not pause your entire subscription. You can also pause your entire subscription using the "Pause" feature in your subscription portal, located at the bottom of your subscription page.

Please note that it is possible to have multiple subscriptions enabled at any given point. If you have more than one ongoing subscription, be sure to check that you are modifying the correct one.

→  How do you "resume" a subscription?

Any subscription associated with your email can be brought back from it's paused state of hibernation and "resume" shipping as normal. When you re-enable a subscription, it will begin billing from whenever your next upcoming subsequent order is scheduled. You can view those scheduled orders by pressing the "View Scheduled Orders" link.

Please note that it is possible to have multiple subscriptions enabled at any given point. If you have more than one ongoing subscription, be sure to check that you are modifying the correct one.

→  How do I skip an order?

Too much baby formula? In order to better accommodate for your baby's baby formula demands, you can skip any upcoming orders while you work your way through the existing stock that you have. Any un-billed upcoming order can be skipped from the subscription portal.

Alternatively, instead of skipping you can also reschedule your shipment to go out at a later date. Some parents might need to push back their order by a week or two while they go away on vacation.

→  How do I reschedule an upcoming order?

Your next upcoming order can be rescheduled, either by bringing the subscription billing date earlier or pushing it backwards. When you change the upcoming billing date on your next subscription, it will also impact future billings which will now be shipped based on the rescheduled date.

For example: if you have a billing frequency of every 4 weeks, but after your 1st order you decide you'd like to change your 2nd order to come a bit sooner - when you update your 2nd order to be billed a week sooner, your 3rd order will be billed 4 weeks after the billing date of the 2nd order.

Subscriptions can be brought forward as soon as 1 day away. Unfortunately same-day subscription processing is not available at this time through the subscription portal, but should you wish for your next subscription order to be processed immediately - reach out to our friendly customer support team and they can process this for you.

Product Modifications

→  I need to update to a different stage - how do I do that?

If your baby has outgrown the formula stage originally subscribed under your subscription, you can actually transition your subscription on to the next stage while continuing to receive the benefits of subscription pricing. This can be done through the subscription portal, or if you would prefer then reach out to our customer support team who would be more than happy to assist you.

Please note that changing products is only possible for orders that have not been billed, or in other words only for future orders. We send all customers a reminder 3 days prior to billing so that they have ample time to make any product changes on their subscription.

→  I need to modify the quantity of formula in my orders - how do I do that?

Need an extra box or two? Similar to swapping formula stages, you can also modify the quantity of formula that you receive by accessing your subscription portal.

Please note that the quantity that you are modifying reflects the pack-size that you have originally subscribed to. For example, if you are subscribed to 12-packs and increase from a quantity of 1 to 2, you will receive 2x 12-packs (24 units). Conversely if you are subscribed to single units and you change from a quantity of 1 to 2, you will receive 2x single packs (2 units).

Subscription Cancellation & Reactivation

→  What is the difference between "pausing" and "cancelling" a subscription?

If you pause your subscription rather than cancelling it, your prices will remain locked in and you can rest assured that any potential price increases will not impact your stock.

If instead you cancel your subscription rather than pausing it - should you choose to restart your subscription in the future, you will still receive the subscription 5% discount - but if prices for your specific formula have gone up then your new baseline price would be the most recent price on our website.

→  How do I cancel my subscription?

Your subscription portal allows you to cancel your entire subscription for any orders that haven't been billed yet. Cancelling a subscription would mean that any future scheduled orders will not get billed, and your subscription will no longer receive any dedicated stock allocation in our warehouse.

It's important to note that once a subscription is billed, it is processed like a regular order, which means that our standard 30 minute cancellation window applies after which it is not possible to cancel or modify the order in any way. We send multiple text and email notifications in advance of each subscription order in order to give subscribers the opportunity to modify or cancel an order before it gets billed.

→  Can I reactivate my subscription?

If you've previously paused or cancelled your subscription, it is possible to reactivate your subscription and resume a recurring subscription from inside the subscription portal.

Account Related Questions

Updating Your Account

→  How do I modify my delivery frequency?

For any future un-billed orders, regardless of the frequency you originally signed up for, you can modify the frequency with which new orders will be placed using the subscription portal.

Delivery frequencies can be set for anything between 1 week and 10 weeks. Most parents choose a 3-4 week schedule which ensures they always have fresh formula, without the risk of running out in the event of any shipping carrier delays.

→  How do I change my address?

Moving house? No problem - be sure to update your address before your next upcoming subscription order is billed so that the correct address can be associated with any future orders.

Shipping addresses can be updated from within the subscription portal. It's important to keep your shipping address up to date, and as a reminder we will always email you 3 days before your next upcoming subscription is billed so that you can modify anything about your order, including your delivery details.

Address updates are for future orders only! Any updates to a shipping address which happen after your most recent billing will not be reflected on that order!

→  How do I update my payment details?

The card listed on file with your subscription can be securely edited using the subscription portal. For added safety, this process is entirely closed off from our staff and requires you to input the card details on your own device.

You can have multiple payment methods on file with us, and should you wish to swap which card is used with your subscriptions, you can reach out to our customer support team who can swap between multiple cards that are already associated with your account.

→  I misspelled my email address when I placed my subscription and can't access the subscription portal. How can I correct this?

Oops! Unfortunately the only way we can fix this is for you to reach out to our customer service team and let them modify this from our admin backend. Please provide the new email address that you would like associated with your subscription and we will resolve this for you.

Your email address serves as your login and management key. It's important to have a valid email address associated with your subscription because all order confirmations and subscription reminder emails are sent to the email address associated with the subscription. Always double check our browser's auto-fill settings because sometimes you may accidentally associate your order and subscription with an unintended email address - and it can be very challenging to investigate what your original email address was for the order.

→  How can I change the email address associated with my subscription?

At this time, the only way you can change the email address associated with your subscription is to reach out to our customer service team, who would be more than happy to help.

Always be sure to have a valid email address tied to your subscription because this email is used for billing reminders, as well as to grant you access to your unique subscription portal using secure pre-authenticated login links.

Subscription Policy Questions

→  How does Organic Life Start notify subscribers of an upcoming order?

All Organic Life Start subscribers will receive an email notification 3 days prior to any upcoming billings - reminding them of their upcoming order. During that 3 day window, subscribers have the ability to reschedule their subscription, modify their subscribed products, pause, or cancel their subscription. If you need any assistance you can always reach out to our friendly customer service team for help.

Please note that all subscription related email activity is logged and can be provided to you or your bank for reference if needed. This is a particularly important point because we never want parents to feel blind sighted when a subscription gets billed - we notify all subscribers 3 days prior to their billing happening.

Unfortunately after a subscription is billed, in accordance with our refund policy we are only able to help modify an order during our standard 30 minute time window. After that time window your order will already be with our shipping carriers and it is no longer possible to modify or cancel your subscription order.

→  When should I notify Organic Life Start that I need to skip an order?

You can either notify our customer service team, or adjust your subscription to skip an order up until the time of billing. We notify all subscribers 3 days prior to a subscription being charged about the upcoming order. During this time, subscribers have the ability to pause, modify, cancel, or reschedule their subscription as they see fit.

After a subscription is billed, an order is treated as any other order which would fall under our refund policy - and a subscriber has 30 minutes to notify us of any required changes.

→  A recurring subscription order was processed, but I don't need it right now. Can I cancel it and get a refund?

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we notify all subscribers 3 days prior to an upcoming subscription billing. During the 3 days time, you have the ability to pause, cancel, or reschedule your next upcoming order. An email was sent to the address associated with your subscription which lays out these options and allows you to make any changes that you might need. We log all email activity and can provide you with a record of your email logs.

Once a subscription is billed, the standard 30 minute cancellation window applies which is consistent with all other orders. We ship very quickly, and unfortunately after this 30 minute window it is no longer possible to cancel an order or receive a refund. You can view the full refund policy here.

→  A recurring subscription order was processed, but my baby doesn't like the formula. Can I cancel and get a refund?

We're sorry to hear about your baby and this formula. Before any subscription is billed, we send a reminder email 3 days prior to give parents a chance to change their order, modify the formula, pause, cancel, or reschedule their baby formula subscription. During those 3 days you have the opportunity to make any edits, or alternatively reach out to our customer service team to help with your subscription and potentially offer some new formulas that your baby might want to try.

After a subscription has been charged, the standard 30 minute cancellation window applies - in accordance with our standard refund policy. After the 30 minute window it is not possible to cancel or issue a refund on your formula, as we ship very quickly and the formula will have already been handed over to our shipping carriers.

→  A recurring subscription order was processed, but I wasn't able to update my shipping address (I don't live at the old address any longer). Can I get a refund?

We notify all subscribers 3 days prior to a subscription being billed. During that time window it is the subscribers responsibility to update their shipping address to one that will be suitable for their delivery. If you know that your address will change but you don't yet know the address, and your next billing hasn't happened yet - you can reach out to our customer service team who can flag the order to be held while you find out your new shipping address.

If your subscription has already been billed, reach out ASAP to us! If it is within 30 minutes of your order billing, we are able to change the address as this falls under our standard 30 minute order modification window (as explained in our refund policy).

If it has already been longer than an hour since your order was billed, you can still reach out to us and we will attempt to pass this on to the shipping carrier, but we have no way of guaranteeing that a shipping carrier will honor any updated shipping address. For full transparency - in most cases, the shipping carrier will not accept a new shipping address once the formulas depart our warehouse and begins to be processed by their sorting machines.

If a subscription order was delivered to an old address that the subscriber didn't realize they needed to update, unfortunately we are not able to offer any help with this since we have given 2 full days for subscribers to modify their shipping address prior to a billing happening. We log all subscription-reminder email activity and can provide this to you or your bank if necessary.