Lebenswert Organic Baby Formulas

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What are the benefits of Lebenswert Baby Formula?

Lebenswert baby formulas are some of the purest and most nutritious available. They are made with ingredients that follow Bio Land sustainability. This means the cows are never dehorned and they graze on organic fields. The milk they produce is of the highest quality and is perfect for babies who suffer from allergies. This gluten-free formula is free from soy, nuts, and wheat. Lebenswert formulas are also free from chemicals, hormones, pesticides, and synthetics.

Pros of Lebenswert baby formulas:

  • Wholesome ingredients
  • Bio Land sourced ingredients
  • Allergy-friendly (no soy, gluten, wheat, or nuts.)
  • Great for babies who suffer from stomach trouble and constipation
  • Omega 3 & 6 LCPs (DHA & ALA)

With Lebenswert, you’ll never see:

  • GMOs
  • Gluten
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Antibiotics
  • Soy
  • No Chemicals or Preservatives
  • No Corn Syrup

About Lebenswert

For over 85 years, Holle, the major EU Organic Formula brand, has created top-notch baby formulas. In 2009, Holle established Lebenswert.

This firm adheres to all Bio land standards for environmental sustainability.

Lebenswert is dedicated to giving the healthiest, most delicious formula possible for babies. Each formulation is made with EU-certified components that moms love. Holle and Lebenswert are reputable businesses that place quality above money.

Lebenswert Infant Formula Comparison Table

Every baby is different, and their nutritional needs and demands are unique. To help you find the right product we have created Lebenswert Baby Formula Comparison Table.

Lebenswert Stage 1 0-6 months Lebenswert formula meets Bioland organic standard. It is perfect for kids that have allergies. Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes
Lebenswert Stage 2 6-10 months Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Lebenswert Stage 3 10-12 months Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes

Organic Life Start Answers

What makes a good baby formula?

Choosing the right baby formula doesn't need to be complicated. Start by understanding these seven considerations about newborn nutrition and meal addatives, which are the main differentiators in baby formulas.