Kendamil Baby Formula

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What are the benefits of Kendamil Baby Formula?

The farms of Kendamil are Red-Tractor accredited, meaning that food is traceable, safe to eat and has been produced responsibly.

Rather than other formulas that use a skimmed milk base formulated with processed vegetable oils, Kendamil uses the whole milk base with the highest quality full-cream ingredients.

The quality of the milk used by Kendamil is typically overlooked. The full cream milk (tastes phenomenal) and contains a vital component of breast milk, called milk fat globule membrane (MFGM). MFGM has been associated with enhanced cognitive development and neurodevelopmental outcomes in infants.

Kendamil has also been offering goat milk baby formulas since 2017. Goat milk formulas contain full cream A2 goat milk plus goat whey, which are suitable for babies who are not settling on cow’s milk and have digestive issues.

Pros of Kendamil Baby Formula:

  • Nutritionally advanced formulations with close-to-nature ingredients.
  • EU and British Soil Association Certified Organic.
  • Use of whole milk base, which naturally contains MFGM. MFGM has been scientifically proven to enhance cognitive function in infants.
  • Allergy-friendly (no palm oil, fish oils, and soy).
  • Perfect for babies with sensitive tummies.
  • The only organic formula containing HMOs, especially 3’-GL, prevents your baby’s digestive system from pathogens.
  • Omega 3 and 6 are sourced from plant-based algae oils (no fish oils).
  • No more colic, constipation, or allergies.
  • Environmentally friendly, vegetarian friendly.

Important ingredients contained within the Kendamil baby formulas:

  • Lactose with a Low Glycemic Index.
  • Plant-Based DHA and ARA.
  • Whole Milk as a Natural Mammal Fat Source.
  • Prebiotics (GOS, FOS)
  • Full Cream A2 Milk in Goat Milk Formulas
  • Vitamin A, C, D, and Zinc.

With Kendamil, you’ll never see:

  • Sugars
  • Palm oil
  • Fish oils
  • Soy
  • Starch/Cornstarch
  • Maltodextrin
  • Cheap Fillers and Processed Substitutes, such as Corn Syrup
  • GMOs
  • Gluten
  • Synthetic Preservatives
  • Hormones or Antibiotics

Why is Kendamil formula so good?

Kendamil formulas are a lactose-based style of baby formula, closely mirroring natural human breast milk. Most American baby formulas use either corn syrup or sugar as their source of carbohydrate, but Kendamil formulas use lactose - which is naturally sweet and babies love the taste of it.

Is Kendamil formula good for babies?

Kendamil is good for babies because it contains only natural ingredients and does not have any GMO's, no soy, no corn syrup, and no artificial sugars. Kendamil formulas are also vegetarian friendly because they use algae instead of using fish oil as their source of omega-3 DHA ARA.

Where can I buy Kendamil formula?

Kendamil formulas have been increasingly available for sale in the USA across some select retailers, although Kendamil's availability is very limited. Kendamil demand has grown significantly since mid 2022 which means that it is often out of stock at many stores. For the best availability you can buy Kendamil online - Organic Life Start is one of the largest distributors of Kendamil formula in the USA.

How to mix Kendamil formula?

Kendamil formulas are age-specific, so it is important to prepare them according to your baby's age and the stage formula that you are preparing. Younger babies will eat Kendamil more frequently, whereas older toddlers will use Kendamil as a supplement to other foods. You can find the mixing instructions on the back of Kendamil cans, or for a summary of Kendamil mixing instructions you can view our Kendamil product pages.

Which Kendamil formula is best?

Perhaps a bit confusingly, Kendamil's most popular formula is called "Kendamil Organic", which is an organic cow milk formula. More recently Kendamil launched Kendamil Classic, which is a non-organic version of their original most popular baby formula. Kendamil Goat is a goat milk alternative for parents with babies who have lactose intolerance.

How long does Kendamil formula last?

Once opened, a can of Kendamil formula should be used within 4 weeks. You should store Kendamil formula in a cool and dry place, out of sunlight. Be careful not to contaminate your Kendamil with foreign substances - always make sure to close the lid properly when storing Kendamil. A typical can of Kendamil will have between 180 and 210 scoops of formula.

Who makes Kendamil formula?

Kendamil formula is made by a family owned company in the UK, and is sold worldwide to parents who are looking for a distinctly clean and healthy baby formula that is good tasting and nutritionally complete.

Kendamil Formula Stages

Lebenswert comes in three stages (stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3). Each stage is age specific and needs to be given to a baby of the appropriate age. It is important to give your baby the correct stage so that they are given the adequate nutrients that are intended for a specific age.

Kendamil Stage 1 Formulas are for infants 0-6 months of age

Kendamil Stage 2 Formulas are for babies 6-12 months of age

Kendamil Stage 3 Formulas are for toddlers 12+ months of age

Kendamil Organic Formula Comparison Chart

Do you want to supplement your baby with the world’s highest quality baby formula but can’t decide which formula to give? Kendamil believes your little one deserves the best baby formula closest to breast milk. To help you find the RIGHT product for your baby, we have curated the Kendamil Organic Formula Comparison Chart:

Kendamil Cow Stage 1 0-6 months Kendamil sources full cream whole milk from Red Tractor accredited farms to provide full nutrition to your little one. Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes
Kendamil Cow Stage 2 6-12 months Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes
Kendamil Cow Stage 3 12+ months Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes
Kendamil Classic Stage 1 0-6 months Kendamil Classic is made from full cream cow's milk, with plant based DHA added, and excludes nasty palm oil. No Yes No Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes
Kendamil Classic Stage 2 6-12 months No Yes No Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes
Kendamil Classic Stage 3 12+ months No Yes No Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes
Kendamil Goat Stage 1 0-6 months Kendamil goat formula is ideal for infant who have digestive issues or are allergic to cow’s milk formula. No Yes No Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes
Kendamil Goat Stage 2 6-12 months No Yes No Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes
Kendamil Goat Stage 3 12+ months No Yes No Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes

Organic Life Start Answers

What makes a good baby formula?

Choosing the right baby formula doesn't need to be complicated. Start by understanding these seven considerations about newborn nutrition and meal addatives, which are the main differentiators in baby formulas.