Notice To All Customers: Storewide daily sales capacity implemented

In simple terms, there are not enough available planes from Europe required to ship out all of the formula that parents need right now.

Due to the surge in demand for European baby formula products, we have been notified by all shipping carriers that until further notice we must adhere to a fixed number of parcels that we can send on a daily basis so as to not overwhelm their systems. Unfortunately, this bottleneck means that we are having to make the difficult decision to place a hard cap on the number of orders that we can take in any single 24 hour period.


Checkout functionality is currently open

How The Daily Capacity Works

Until the shipping carriers are able to increase their capacity, our store will close each day when this shipping capacity has been reached. Each subsequent day we will re-enable our store checkout at 5pm Eastern Time and will keep sales open until again until the daily shipping allocation has been filled.

You will be able to tell when the store is disabled by noticing that our “buy” button is not clickable and greyed out. When the store is live the button will be blue as usual.

Checkout Paused

If the button is grey, it means the store has reached its daily maximum shipment capacity and the checkout is currently closed.

Checkout Live

If the button is blue, the checkout is open and you can shop as usual. Shipping availability is on a first-come first-serve basis and the checkout is subject to shutting at no notice.

Important Note About Stock Availability

We are 100% transparent with our inventory availability and will never sell a product that we do not physically have available in stock. During the times when our store is closed, you can navigate through all products to see what will be available for sale when the checkout reopens. If a product doesn’t suggest that it is out of stock, it means that it is in stock.

Sales Are of Real Stock, Not of Presale Availability

As much as we appreciate the gesture - to be as fair as we can to you and to other individuals, we do not want to take money for preorders at this time. We want there to be an industry-wide expectation that if an order is placed, it will be fulfilled. We recognize that there are other stores which will take your transaction only to delay shipment and/or cancel it a few days later. If you place an order when the checkout is open, it will be fulfilled as usual.

Only 12-Packs Available During This Time

In an effort to maximize the amount of formula that is shipped out to parents, we are temporarily restricting that all new orders will be exclusively for 12 packs. Any smaller options such as singles, 6, or 8 packs are disabled because they use up the same "1 shipping unit" as a larger 12 pack uses. More formulas per shipment = more formula in the hands of parents.

A Few Additional Important Notes

  • All existing orders have already been committed to with our shipping carriers, and will be shipped as usual.
  • We are doing our best to not impact existing subscription orders, which are pre-allocated in the background on a daily basis. You will be notified about your subscription only if your specific product has gone out of stock.
  • If you wish to lock in shipping priority for future baby formula orders, we recommend signing up for a subscription with a shipping schedule that meets your expected demand.

Please Bear With Our Customer Service Team During This Time

As you may imagine, our customer enquiry volume has gone up 20x. We wish to maintain a personal level of communication with all customers and recognize that all enquiries during this time are treated as a priority. In order to help everyone, please limit your questions as much as possible. If you are interested in learning more about new products, we recommend reading through our many blog articles which explain differences between products at great length.

From Our Family To Yours ❤️

First, we want to thank you for visiting our site and for considering us as a baby formula supplier - it literally means the world to us.

While we understand it is only limited reassurance, we want to tell everyone that we are working around the clock with with shipping carriers to unlock ways to increase daily capacity. While we expect that this daily shipping capacity will increase over the coming days, we recognize the hardships that you as a parent are facing at this time and are doing as much as we can to expand availability of our products to your house.