Nannycare Baby Formula: The Ultimate 2023 Guide

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" Nannycare is one of the best goat milk baby formulas. It’s 100% natural, less processed, and has fewer synthetic additions compared to the majority of other baby formulas. "

Exclusive breastfeeding is not always feasible. Whether it’s a medical condition or feasibility situation – parents now have the next best option: to feed babies with natural formulas that will aid in growth and development.

Since the early 90’s, Nannycare has been one of the top goat milk baby formulas in the UK. This blog post will cover the following topics:

  1. The Nannycare Story
  2. The Nannycare Difference
  3. Nannycare Formula Options
  4. Pros and Cons of Nannycare Formula Options
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

The Nannycare Story

The goat milk is produced by a cooperative of 71 farmers in the richest pastures of New Zealand that solely produces goat milk baby formula.

Nannycare implements gentle transportation of the milk to maintain nutritional integrity. It is made in a world-class facility that specifically makes goat milk baby formula only.

Nannycare is a family-owned and run business in New Zealand. It is the pioneer company that pushed goat baby formula to the mainstream market. It has greatly contributed to the product’s legislation in the EU and UK.

How Is Nannycare Different: Why Choose Nannycare?

These four factors set Nannycare apart from other baby formula companies:

  • Focused Product Range
  • Less Processing
  • Does Not Contain Non-Essential Ingredients
  • Best Taste

Focused Product Range

Unlike other baby formula companies that offer both cow and goat milk options, Nannycare only offers goat milk. The company strongly believes that compared to cow milk, goat milk is softer and gentler on a baby’s tummy and it naturally comes with A2 casein.

Nannycare has exerted all its efforts on the development and commercialization of infant formula based on goat milk. It continuously leads and invests in multiple clinical studies and goat milk formula research.

Less Processing

To gently process baby formula, Nannycare uses minimal heat. Many other baby formulas undergo heat three times. Nannycare, on the other hand, only undergoes heat once. This is because they believe that the less processed a baby formula is, the better it is for a baby’s delicate tummy.

Does Not Contain Non-Essential Ingredients

Nannycare promotes simple process and natural ingredients. It is made from full cream goat milk. It does NOT contain any of the following:

Skimmed milk


Palm oil


Added sugar or sucrose or corn syrups


Best Taste

Compared to other goat baby formulas in the market, it has a delicious and creamy taste – without the aroma that is usually associated with goat milk. Taste trials were conducted in 5 European countries and Nannycare emerged as the “preferred” baby formula, surpassing the ratings of goat formula market leaders.

Nannycare Can Sizes

Nannycare comes in 2 convenient sizes: 400g and 900g. Both are packed in cans or tins. Organic Life Start carries the larger 900g size for maximum convenience.

Nannycare Formula Options


Nannycare only produces goat milk formula, with three age-specific stages:

For babies who are 0-12 months

Can be fed as supplement to breast milk or exclusive formula feeding

Made from full-cream milk

Naturally contains A2 Beta Casein for easier digestion

Contains DHA and AA

Does Not Contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

Does Not Contain Palm Oil

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Nannycare First Infant Milk

For babies who are 6-12 months

Can be fed as supplement to breast milk or exclusive formula feeding

Made from full-cream milk

Naturally contains A2 Beta Casein for easier digestion

Contains DHA and AA

Source of Iodine which contributes to the normal growth of children

Does Not Contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

Does Not Contain Palm Oil

Contains naturally occurring oligosaccharides (10x more than in cow milk) similar in structure to human milk

Contains Vitamin D to support the normal function of the immune system

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Nannycare Follow on Milk

For toddlers who are 1-3 years old

Can be fed as supplement to breast milk or exclusive formula feeding

Made from full-cream milk

Naturally contains A2 Beta Casein for easier digestion

Contains DHA and AA

Source of vitamin C

Source of calcium needed for normal growth of bone and development

Source of iron for cognitive development

Does Not Contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

Does Not Contain Palm Oil

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Nannycare Growing Up Milk

Pros & Cons of Nannycare Formula

  • Full cream milk basis
  • Naturally contains A2 Beta Casein for easier digestion
  • All stages contain DHA and AA
  • All stages do not contain starch
  • All stages do not contain added sugar, sucrose, or corn syrup
  • All stages do not contain maltodextrin
  • All stages do not contain soy and gluten
  • Supported by scientific studies and research
  • 2 convenient size options
  • Excellent creamy taste without the goat aroma that is usually present in other goat milk
  • Longer shelf life than other baby formulas
  • Non-organic (shares the same philosophies as organic farming but is not organic certified)
  • No added prebiotics
  • No added probiotics
  • Not vegetarian (involves rennet in the refining process and fish oi as DHA source)
  • Contains Mortierella Alpina Oil (AA source)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Nannycare organic?

No – but Nannycare shares many of the same philosophies as organic farming and meets strict EU regulations. In organic rules, animals must be kept outside. Since goats are not grazers like cows; nor do they have protective lanolin on their coats like sheep – they are housed under a shelter in large loafing barns where they are kept warm and dry with plenty of fresh air and light.

2. Why does Nannycare only offer goat milk?

Nannycare firmly believes that goat milk is the best base for baby formula.

It shares similarities with breast milk. It forms naturally soft curds on a baby’s tummy; hence, it is softer and gentler compared to cow milk. Also, goat milk naturally contains A2 beta casein for easier digestion and less allergic reactions (compared to cow milk).

3. What do you mean when you say that Nannycare is scientifically proven?

Nannycare is supported by multiple clinical studies – to date it has published 6. It continues to lead and invest in goat milk formula research.

4. What is the simple process of Nannycare?

All 3 stages of Nannycare are made from 100% natural full cream. It does not contain skimmed milk or whey – hence, it has less production process and less heat treatment compared to other baby formulas. It also does not include non-essential ingredients such as starch, maltodextrin, palm oil, among others.

5. How long can I use Nannycare after opening?

You can see the base of the can to check the before-date of the product. Once opened, you should use the formula milk within 4 weeks.

6. Where can I buy Nannycare?

Nannycare is not available in stores in US. You can buy it from any authentic website. Organic Life Start is now stocking Nannycare formula products to their wide selection. You can buy Nannycare at affordable prices from our website.

Final Thoughts

Nannycare is a superior baby formula that only uses full cream goat milk – because of the natural fats in the whole milk, it does not need any palm oil and soybean oil additives (compared to other baby formulas with skimmed milk base). It is also less processed and requires less heat compared to other baby formulas in the market.

Although Nannycare is not organic certified, it shares many of the philosophies of organic farming. The goats are selected and nurtured with the sole purpose of producing milk for baby formula. The goats are raised in a clean environment where they get plenty of fresh air and sunlight. All Nannycare products are made from 100% natural ingredients. For parents seeking a reliable and wholesome option for their babies, Nannycare formula comes in three stages, providing tailored nutrition for your baby's developmental needs. Whether you're starting with Nannycare Stage 1 or transitioning to subsequent stages, you can trust in the quality and goodness of Nannycare formula for your little one's nourishment and well-being.

Nanny Care Formula Options

  1. Nannycare First Infant Milk
  2. Nannycare Follow-on Milk
  3. Nannycare Growing Up Milk

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