Baby Formula Without Corn Syrup & Without Sugar

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" More than ever, parents are realizing the long term negative impacts sugar can have on childhood development. Sugar-free formula options can set your little one up for healthy development. "

If a mother isn't breastfeeding, she may be uncertain about which formula to choose for her child and also uncertain about the formula's ingredients.

Sugars are a wonderful area to begin researching since they are present in both breast milk and infant formula. Let's talk about sugar in baby formula and why it is present.

Why Is There Sugar In Infant Formula

One of the most vital ingredients in infant formula is sugar, which serves as the primary source of energy for a developing baby. Sugars are much more than just a sweetener; they're also simple-to-digest sources of carbohydrates that support your baby's growth and development, especially throughout the first year of life. However, not every sugar in infant formula is the same.

The type and amount of sugars children ingest as infants and toddlers has been shown to affect their metabolic health, food preferences, and long term intake of sweet, high-energy meals.

Sugar In Infant Formula: A Source of Carbohydrates

Sugars are included in baby formula since it is a carbohydrate, and since sugar is a simple, easily-digested carbohydrate, it is present in that food. As one might anticipate, it is essential that the carbohydrates in baby formula are easy to digest because newborns' intestines aren't yet evolved enough to handle significant amounts of complex carbs and fiber. This is why sugars are produced. Let's look at some of the typical substances used to offer carbohydrates in formulas and talk about why some are preferred over others.

Types Of Sugar Found In Baby Formula

1. Lactose: The Gold Standard Of Sugar For Infants

Lactose, which is composed of one glucose and one galactose bonded together. It is a form of sugar naturally present in breast milk, and is generally considered to be the finest sugar for infants. Almost all newborns have the lactase enzyme, which means they have the capacity to properly digest lactose from birth. It can be processed easily. It helps the formation of the good bacteria in newborns' intestines and does not boost blood sugar as much as other sweets.

Given the many advantages of breast milk as the ideal first diet for a baby, the best formulas are those that closely resemble the composition of breast milk. Because of this, the European Commission mandates that lactose be the main source of carbohydrates in all standard formulations.

Lactose has a glycemic index (a measure of how much a food increases blood sugar) of 45 and receives a relative sweetness score of only 16 on a scale of 100, where 100 is equal to table sugar.

2. Sucrose


You'll find sucrose as an additional sugar in baby formula. The white substance you add in your coffee and pastries is known by its chemical name—table sugar. A single glucose and a single fructose are joined to form sucrose.

Sucrose has a 65 glycemic index (higher than lactose) and a relative sweetness rating of 100, it has the sweetest sugar of any infant formula you can find.

The use of sucrose in infant formula is not forbidden by the European Commission. However, it does set restrictions on when and how much sucrose can be used (for example, in specialist formulae that call for lower lactose for newborns with sensitive stomachs).

While sucrose is not the best option if a totally lactose-based formula is not an option, lactose continues to be the best carb source for newborns.

3. Corn Syrup


The United States does not forbid the use of corn syrup solids in baby formula, but the European Commission does. Most corn syrup produced in the United States is from genetically modified corn, using corn syrup solids as the main source of carbohydrates is not appropriate. When corn syrup is dried, the water is removed, concentrating the sugars, and creating corn syrup solids. Some conventional formula businesses use corn syrup solids because it is readily available and inexpensive to produce.

A quick-acting carbohydrate is corn syrup. As a result, glucose tablets are advised for people who experience periods of low blood sugar because it is known that glucose increases blood sugar quickly.

The relative sweetness score, which is more than lactose but less than sucrose, can range from 23 to 40 depending on how much the corn starch was broken down.

4. Maltodextrin

Corn maltodextrin is a typical variant of corn sugar. has sugar molecules that have been broken down for simple digestion. Some infants with sensitive stomachs can benefit from it.

Compared to corn syrup, corn maltodextrin is a little less sweet. It has a relative sweetness rating that ranges from 6 to 21.

Maltodextrin can be added to infant formula in three different methods:

  • Maltodextrin as the main source of carbohydrates
  • Maltodextrin as a source of additional (supplementary) carbohydrates
  • Maltodextrin as thickening agent or organic preservative

It is generally okay to use maltodextrin as an additional source of carbs. Maltodextrin in European formulae is comparatively better than that found in American formulas because it is certified organic, GMO-free, and present in smaller amounts.

A European formula that has both lactose and maltodextrin components is a wise choice if your infant needs a hydrolyzed or broken down carb source.

5. Starch

Starch is the final type of carbohydrate you might find in baby formula. Typically, rice starch is used. While not the only source of carbohydrates, these specialized formulas employ starch to thicken the formula and reduce the likelihood that the infant would spit it back up.

The below chart lists key types of sugars found in infant formula. The glycemic index serves as a gauge for how much sugar raises blood sugar levels. Therefore, the higher the glycemic index number, the harder a baby’s pancreas will have to work.

Types of Starch In Infant Formulas

Lactose 45 16 Galactose + Glucose
This is the sugar found in breast milk
Corn Syrup 100 30-40 Short chains of glucose
Corn Syrup Solids 100 23-40 Dehydrated corn syrup
Maltodextrin 110 6-21 Longer, more complex chains of glucose
Sucrose 65 100 Glucose + Fructose
This is table sugar
Rice Starch 100 - Added to thicken certain formulas. This won’t be a large source of carbohydrate calories
Glucose Syrup 100 30-40 Likely Corn Syrup – but may come from a different plant, but the end product is the same

Why Use Formula Without Corn Syrup & Without Sugar


Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of sugar can help you choose the ideal formula for your kid. The best baby formulas don’t have sugar or corn syrup. Make sure to familiarize yourself with ingredient lists and stay away from formulas that contain corn syrup or sugar-sweetened substances.

Continue reading to find out why the healthiest baby formula is free of corn syrup and sugar.

1. Formula With Sugars & Corn Syrup Causes Childhood Obesity

High fructose corn syrup, according to many nutritionists and medical professionals, is the main contributor to childhood obesity. Obese children are more likely to stay that way into adulthood, increasing their chance of developing a number of significant health issues like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and a number of illnesses. After all, the development of a good eating regimen begins from birth.You should become familiar with ingredient labels and keep away of any formulas that contain corn syrup or sugar-sweetened substances to lower the chance of your baby developing obesity.

2. It Can Cause Other (Serious) Health Concerns

In addition to contributing to childhood obesity, infant formula containing sugar and corn syrup has a number of other negative health effects. Some of them are really serious.

Some of the most well-known and widely used kinds of infant formula include colossal amounts of sugar and corn syrup. It is causing a variety of health difficulties, including as behavioral problems like ADD, dental decay, and diabetes. Additionally, for young children, being overweight or obese might lead directly to diabetes.

3. The Best Baby Formulas Are Not Sweetened With Sugar Or Corn Syrup, But Rather With Lactose

The best infant formulae are held to higher standards in order to produce baby food that is as similar to mother's breastmilk as possible. Additionally, lactose is a naturally occurring substance in breastmilk, giving it the 'sweet' flavor that newborns like.

Some infant formulas use sucrose and corn syrup in place of lactose, which is a major concern. As previously mentioned, the presence of sugar and corn syrup in formula can have a negative impact on a range of health issues. When a baby has lactose intolerance, often known as a lactose allergy or sensitivity. There are many organic specialty formulas that are readily available if your infant is unable to tolerate cow's milk-based formula.

Baby Formula Without Corn Syrup or Sugar

Whether you're looking for a high-quality formula with the proper level of sugar, have questions about the ingredients, or need assistance choosing the finest formula for your child, Organic Life Start has you covered! The finest sugar for babies, lactose, is included as the very first ingredient in all HiPP, Holle, and Lebenswert formulas—this includes their specialty formulas!

Holle is top-notch in the organic baby formula industry. This genetically modified free formula is held to the highest standards. It’s pesticide free, free from added sugars, corn syrup and is fluoride free. It comes with the option for goat’s milk formula, or lactose formula.

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Holle Formula

Lebenswert is held to the same standards as the Holle Formula. It’s free from sugars and corn syrup, certified organic, contains no genetic modifications, and the cows are treated humanely.

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Lebenswert Formula

HiPP formula is one of the best! It’s not genetically modified, free from harmful sugars and additives, and has quickly become one of the world’s experts in baby formula.

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Hipp Formula

Kendamil formulas are crafted with the world’s most sustainable and traceable ingredients in the English Lake District. Kendamil proudly developed a whole milk baby formula without the use of palm and soy oils. It was even trusted by the British Royal Family and babies absolutely love the taste of it!

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Aptamil, a trusted and reputable baby formula brand, offers a range of scientifically formulated infant formulas designed to provide essential nutrition for healthy growth and development during the crucial early stages of a baby's life.

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6. Specialty Formulas

Parental discomfort from a newborn is just as awful as it is for your child. Sensitivity, gassiness, allergies, and starch intolerances can all be helped by specialized formulae.

Contains Probiotics & Prebiotics

No sugar, no corn syrup, no soy

Hydrolyzed milk proteins reduce allergic reactions

Popular for constipated babies

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hipp ha german hypoallergenic

Contains Probiotics & Prebiotics

Hydrolyzed milk proteins reduce allergic reactions

No sugar, no corn syrup, no soy

Easy to digest formula for sensitive babies

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HiPP Dutch HA

Contains Probiotics & Prebiotics

No sugar, no corn syrup, no soy

Reduced lactose with hydrolyzed milk protein

Easy to digest formula for sensitive babies

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hipp comfort formula

Contains Probiotics & Prebiotics

No sugar, no corn syrup, no soy

Reduced lactose with hydrolyzed milk protein

Easy to digest formula for sensitive babies

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HiPP UK Comfort

Contains Probiotics & Prebiotics

No sugar, no corn syrup, no soy

Organic locust bean gum makes formula creamier

Organic Whey

Popular for babies that spit-up

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hipp anti reflux formula

Clean formula ingredients

Demeter biodynamic certified

Contains natural whey, DHA, & ALA

Contains A2 milk protein for easier digestion

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holle a2 cow milk formula

Easier to digest

Available from HiPP, Holle, Kabrita, Nannycare, and Kendamil

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Goat Milk Formulas

No sugar, no corn syrup, no soy

Reduced lactose

Hydrolyzed milk proteins reduce allergic reactions

Designed to help with colic and constipation

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Aptamil Comfort

Formula for reflux

No sugar, no corn syrup, no soy

Thickened consistency to reduce spit up

Popular baby formula for acid reflux

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Aptamil Anti Reflux

Contains a patented blend of prebiotics GOS/FOS

Has no added lactose

Hydrolyzed milk proteins reduce allergic reactions

Popular for the dietary management of cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA)

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Aptamil Pepti

Formula Without Corn Syrup

Sugar is necessary for all newborns! For a baby's proper development, carbohydrates are a crucial macronutrient.

Infants should, whenever possible, receive their lactose-based calorie needs from breast milk or formula that contains lactose. Formulas prepared with sucrose and/or organic, non-GMO maltodextrin are preferred to those made with corn syrup solids if a lactose-based formula is not an option due to dietary limitations or digestive issues.

Best Formula Without Corn Syrup

  1. HiPP Dutch Formula
  2. Holle Goat Formula
  3. Lebenswert Formula



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