Aptamil Pepti Stage 1 Extensively Hydrolyzed Hypoallergenic Formula

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LIMITED TIME: Use code FAMILY for additional 10% OFF

Aptamil Pepti stage 1 extensively hydrolyzed hypoallergenic formula, suitable for infants from birth until 6 months of age. Provides relief of cow's milk allergy.

🇨🇦This formula is temporarily unavailable for delivery to Canada. The most similar in-stock altnernative that can be shipped immediately to Canada is HiPP HA Stage 1.

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Pefrect For

0-6 Months

Hydrolyzed Formula Yes
Non GMO Formula Yes
Sugar Free FormulaYes
Corn Syrup Free FormulaYes
Soy Free FormulaYes
Milk Origin Cow
Digestive Aid - PrebioticsYes
Digestive Aid - ProbioticsNo
Brain Development - DHAYes
Brain Development - Omega 3Yes
Whey / Casein Ratio 100/0
Health Conscious Ingredients
Cow Milk Baby Formula

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